New Beginning

First we at Pasco Home Remodeling & Repair, LLC want to wish everyone A Happy Thanksgiving, and Joyous Holiday Season.

Its been some time since we blogged and I personally want to let everyone know why.

We been busy. Additionally, we have been very selective on the accounts we take. Which brings me to the title of this Blog. We are now concentrating on custom home improvements. As our contracts with builders and gc’s will come to an end we are going back to the grass roots when I started my company in MD. (GK Construction Co)

I started in 1999 and vowed to cater to home owners one contract at a time. And that is what Pasco Remodel will do. So starting in 2019 our new beginning will start if not before.  Imagine a company that shows the client the entire schedule to complete quicker. That is what I promise and will deliver.

Thank You All For Your Support and Yes We Will Continue To Blog!